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Expert Pressure Washing Company Keeping Dallas Clean

As the best pressure washing company in Dallas, O.N. Point Pressure Washing will make sure to clean the exterior of your home thoroughly. We only use environmentally friendly chemicals for our residential pressure washing, and that formula is proven to kill all mold and dirt on the siding of the structures.

We also use the pressure washer at a lower pressure on your home so we won't cause damage to your siding. And with our residential pressure washing, you can guarantee that your roofs, driveways, sidewalks, patios, fences, and decks will forcibly remove even months of dirt and grime buildup. We also offer other exterior cleaning services like rust and graffiti removal to ensure that your property is completely spotless. When you trust our team with your residential pressure washing needs, you can trust that we'll make your home's exterior pristine! That is what makes O.N. Point Pressure Washing the premier company for Dallas pressure washing.

Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning services include a soft wash cleaning that begins with applying particular surfactants or detergents. These cleansers seep into the pits and pores of a home's roof, working their way along the undersides of roofing tiles and shingles as well as around flashing and other roof materials.

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Driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

Driveways see a lot of use and suffer a lot of abuse. You may have several vehicles going up and down your driveway each day, and any time you park on the driveway, there is a risk of oil or chemicals dripping from the vehicle and leaving a stain. Lucky for you, this is where O.N. Point Pressure Washing can help. Our highly trained technicians have the skills and experience required to remove even the hardest stains from your driveway.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalk cleaning services can professionally clean your walkways and stairways to improve their appearance and make them safer. We also specialize in rust removal services to ensure your sidewalks are free from growing bacteria and use strong PSI to completely remove dirt buildup so that they are tidy enough for steady foot traffic.

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House washing

House Washing

Our house washing services will ensure that your home's exterior gets a good cleaning. Our soft washing will destroy algae, mold, and other organic build-ups/stains you might see on your roof or siding. In addition, when we use our soft wash process, we only use environmentally friendly chemicals to kill all mold and dirt, allowing us to use a lower pressure on your home so we won't cause damage to your siding.

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Pool deck cleaning

Pool Deck Cleaning

Algae and dirt buildup can easily damage concrete surfaces like your pool deck, especially if they're not power washed using the best practices. And that includes your pool deck area. That's why hiring a professional pressure washing company to clean the concrete surrounding your pool is a safe and effective choice. So we also offer excellent pool deck cleaning services to make sure your pool area remains safe for family and visitors.

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Patio cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Patios can be beautiful additions to the home but can get dirty and grimy fast from rain and foot traffic. So we also offer patio cleaning services that will return your concrete, brick, paver, and stone patios to their original luster and shine.

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Fence cleaning

Fence & Deck Washing

Our pressure washing company also offers professional deck cleaning and fence washing services to maintain the decks and fences around your property. Our deck cleaning services use a low-pressure water cleaning system that can remove years of dirt and discoloration from your deck without causing any additional damage to the wood. In contrast, our fence washing services use a safe and effective technique that won't damage your fencing material. Once applied to the surface, our cleansing formula kills any presence of algae or bacteria, preventing new growth for months.

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Rust removal

Rust Removal

Rust is iron oxide and occurs when iron or a compound containing iron gets exposed to oxygen over a long period. And that rust can be found on many surfaces outside your home. So we offer rust removal services that can remove that rust from any surface area, including your concrete, brick, tile, siding, asphalt, as well as your plastic and roof shingles.

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Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

Although graffiti can be beautiful and artistic at times, not everyone likes to have it on or near their place of business. Our graffiti removal services are geared towards thoroughly cleaning graffiti from exterior walls and surfaces around your building, including driveways, walkways, asphalt, and masonry.

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Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lights Installation

If you're on the hunt for a reputable Christmas lighting installer that services the greater Dallas - Fort Worth region, then you're in luck, because O.N. Point Pressure Washing is taking on new clients!

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